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Rainbow Skirts & Turquoise Turtlenecks

Rainbow Skirts & Turquoise Turtlenecks

It’s a four-day weekend here at the Savannah College of Art and Design…. and as always, the sun is shining, the art kids are art-ing, and I am here drowning in gauche paints and charcoal sticks (for those of you who don’t know, gauche a sort of fancy-shcmancy paint that costs like $15 per tiny tube). Aside from all this, things have been pretty swell here at college- I’m young and wildly in love, my mini-fridge is fully stocked with apple juice, and our cafeteria has been serving snickerdoodle blondies on the daily. Honestly, how much better can life get?

As I sit here pondering over life, omelette on my left and oatmeal on my right, I can’t help but wonder what this new year has in store for me. I’ve declared my major to be fashion design- okay, but what if the Chanel-wearing, Louis-Vuitton-carrying fashion girls eat me alive? (Trust me, this a perfectly rational fear. Fashion girls are scary. It’s like Devil Wears Prada meets Mean Girls meets Clueless. Acrylic nails and 5-inch heels are pretty terrifying weapons, if I do say so myself). Or, what if my currently-unbelievably-magnificent relationship falls apart and I’m left lonely and bearded-man-less? (This is less of a rational fear, but hey, you never know).
I am a Class-A worrier (not warrior, but a girl can dream), and I have an undeniable fear of the uncertainty that life holds (when my friends read this, they’ll be nodding their heads in vigorous agreement). So, how can you overcome this? How can one let go and embrace every twist and turn and tidal wave that life throws your way? There’s no one answer to this, and there’s certainly no quick-fix-easy-remedy. All you can do is try.


And when all else fails, try, try again. 


This is something I’ve had to come to terms with, especially going into an industry where success isn’t guaranteed, and there’s a world of Miranda Priestly’s just waiting to tear you down. I’m an Andy, waiting for New York City to woo me with its bright lights and fashion runways, only to toss me into the sewer and tell me I’m not cut out for such a world of wonder and glamour.
Then again, what if I am cut out for this world? What if I have potential that I’ve merely yet to harness, and ideas that are just waiting to be thrust upon the fashion world? Yes, you can worry and fear and fear some more- but what good will that do you? Here is my advice:
Take that fear, and spindle it into the finest golden satin, then take that luxurious fabric and make the most awe-inspiring, breathtaking garment anyone has ever seen. And that is how you transform fear.
Worry is natural, but anxiety-ridden complacency holds you hostage to your own mind. So, put on your favorite pleated skirt, a boatload of sparkling accessories, and the brightest, boldest lipstick you can find.
Miranda Priestly would never be able to bring an Elle Woods down. 
Embrace Your (Wonderfully Badass) Misfit Soul,
xoxo Julia B.

Top: JC Penny//Flats: DSW//Vest: Anthropology//Skirt: Consignment Store in Le Marais