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Monday Musings

Monday Musings

last week (i believe), i did a post called “reflections and musings” where i literally just word-vomited a bunch of random thoughts as a sort of therapy, i suppose. i just needed to get things off of my brain. so, here’s a part two. enjoy !

  • being young is hard…. or easy? i can’t figure it out
  • buddhism is confusing
  • buddhism also makes way more sense than christianity
  • why am i so sleepy all the time
  • aren’t i supposed to have loads of energy since i’m young ?!
  • i wish i could drop everything and travel, just like julia roberts did in “eat pray love”
  • i should definitely go to rome and bali
  • why the hell is meditating so. hard.
  • if u look at my other musings post, i still haven’t gotten that cinnamon roll.
  • i need a cat. or a dog. i wish i could afford a dog.
  • i wonder if people who dropped out of college but are still super successful ever regret dropping out of college
  • i wish i wasn’t afraid to do a headstand.
  • maybe i shouldn’t wish so much, and i should just do

drink some coffee, do some yoga. enjoy your life.

xoxo julia b.


  1. 6 years ago

    get your CINNABON WOMAN

    • Julia Blandford
      6 years ago

      Update: I got a cinnamon roll from Fox+Fig. Not nearly as satisfying, but it’ll have to do.