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Reflections + Musings

Reflections + Musings

as many of us know, being young carries its own load of difficulties: puberty. self-identity. sexuality. self-discovery. school. homework. defiance. school. people. etc etc etc.

yesterday, i had an identity crisis (which is pretty typical for me). i panicked, i pondered, i ate some french fries. i panicked some more.

here a list of thoughts that have have crossed my mind, both in the last 2 days and in the last 2 minutes:

  • are french fries really bad for you
  • should i go vegan
  • i want to be vegan and eat raw food and feel fabulous and earthy but i also love mozzarella and ice cream and cream cheese
  • am i good enough because honestly i feel like a potato
  • why do i over-think everything
  • why am i so scared to do a headstand in yoga
  • why am so overly cautious
  • do my arms look fat
  • does my back look fat because i definitely have some back rolls
  • speaking of rolls i would love a cinnamon roll
  • why is donald trump such an idiot
  • are we about to enter world war III
  • i wish i could save all of the children in syria
  • my yoga teacher says i need to do regression work in order to figure out and overcome my fears
  • are psychics real
  • should i major in fashion design or fashion marketing
  • why do i have such a shitty temper
  • obama is such a nice man
  • why do i feel like i’m having an identity crisis
  • what if i suck at fashion design because at the moment i’m definitely not doing too well in my design class
  • i really want a puppy

so yeah. happy wednesday folks 🙂

xoxo julia b.