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Why Slam Poetry is One of the Dopest New Art Forms Ever

Why Slam Poetry is One of the Dopest New Art Forms Ever

I’m an artist (hence, the whole Art & Misfits thing). And thus, I am a total sucker for words- language, poetry, literature, music, etc- words. are. magic. They evoke emotion, communicate thoughts and feelings and ideas, the list could go on and on. Long story short, words make you feel something. And at the end of the day, feeling things, whatever those “things” may be, is what makes us most human. 

So, naturally, when I came across this whole new, wildly magical, art form (aka “slam poetry”), I was utterly intrigued. Imagine, poetry (not the dull, Shakespearean/Frost/anything archaic that you had to dissect in literature class type of poetry), but modern. Totally understandable, incredibly rhythmic (think like rap mixed with acting?), and undeniably entertaining. In other words, slam poetry/spoken word, is like the new cool kid of poetry- elegant and powerful and intriguing and fresh.

So why watch slam poetry/spoken word? (Yes, this is poetry that can actually be watched. I also took the liberty of linking some of my favorite poems below each bullet point. You’re welcome:)

1. Quite frankly, it’s awesome. (and makes you feel wildly hipster- slam poetry can be very coffee shop-esque, but is wayyy cooler than just listening to acoustic music while you sip your chai latte).

2. It is totally supplemental for an emotional film experience (if you’re in the mood to wallow in tears, but you don’t feel like dragging yourself through an entire Nicholas Sparks movie- then slam poetry is for you)!

3. Slam poetry/spoken word addresses issues that are often times taboo, but so so SO relatable (ex: depression, self-harm & suicide, LGBT & women’s rights, masculinity, racism, abuse- the list is endless).


4. It makes you think and feel. More often than not we overlook issues that are so prominent, or assume (let’s say we’re talking about depression here) that we ourselves are the only ones struggling with this. Spoken word proves otherwise. It evokes a true sense of connection, allowing us to realize that we. are. not. alone.

Problems are universal my friends, and art can connect us through a mutual sense of hope.
Embrace Your Misfit Soul,
xoxo Julia
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Gif courtesy of Tumblr, Denise Frohman