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5 Ways to Celebrate Pride Month

5 Ways to Celebrate Pride Month

Photo courtesy of Olivia Sadka


Happy Pride Month everyone! Unless you’re a conservative individual who believes that the sanctity of marriage can only be maintained through heteronormativity and Bible-induced traditionalism- then June is a beautiful, beautiful month! In June, the gays get gayer, the drag queens get snazzier, and the whole world is exploding in glitter and rainbows. June is when all of the multi-colored flags come out (as do a lot of people), and the country is drunk with celebrating the glory of love and diversity.
In honor of Pride month, I’ll be doing a series of posts to commemorate the LGBT+ community. Not to mention, I’ve been absent for quite some time (SCAD was slowly killing me with an insane workload and I recently got surgery), so what better way to kick off my Art & Misfits return by celebrating the best and truest misfits out there?
Looking to kick off your Pride festivities? Art & Misfits has got you covered!
Of course, since your gay agenda is probably packed with exciting pride festivities, you’e going to need to throw a gay party (don’t worry traditionalists, the gay agenda doesn’t involve destroying marriage and infecting the world with homosexuality)! Whatever your sexual or gender identity be, here are 10 ways to celebrate the month of love (sorry, February- Valentine’s day is sooo 20th century).  Oh, and you’ll need a lot of glitter.

1. Rainbow Is The New Black

Whatever colors you normally wear- black, white, gray, etc.- toss it all aside! This is Pride month, so you’ll need to be constantly decked out in color! Going to the grocery store? Wear rainbow! Going to church? Wear rainbow! It’s absolutely essential that you look as colorful as possible at all times, regardless of the location or event.

Pride T-shirts
Rainbow Stud Earrings
“Love Not Fear” Pride Button
Rainbow Pride Snapback

2. Make Your Gay Agenda 

You may have heard the term “gay agenda” once or twice, mostly from Trump-loveers and traditionalists. But hey, who says having a gay agenda is a bad thing? We all gotta be organized, right? DIY a June calendar and fill it with all of your pride events, parties, and plans. Jazz it up a bit by using things like stickers, glittery pens, and lots of color.

Printable Calendar for June 2017
Crayola Glitter Markers
Rainbow Pride Stickers

3. Throw a Pride Party

Can’t make it to a pride parade or festival? Just have one of your own! Wether they be virgin or alcoholic, multi-colored drinks are the perfect beverage for your party. Make some snazzy rainbow desserts (don’t forget the edible glitter),  or serve a colorful salad. Hang up a banner, blow up a few balloons, and make sure to have everyone dress as pride-loving as possible.

Rainbow Cocktail Recipe
Pride-Themed Recipes
Rainbow Pride Banner

4. Make a Rainbow Cake (Then Serve it at Your Pride Party)

Can’t decide what to serve at your awesome pride party? How about a layered cake (not sure if she’s an LGBT supporter, but thanks Martha Stewart)!

Rainbow Cake

5. Be Loud and Be Proud!

Regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, if you’re out of the closet or still in the midst of finding yourself, pride is truly the month of diversity and love. Although diversity and love are two things that should celebrated everyday, we still live in a world where differences aren’t always accepted, and love isn’t all perceived as good. Wether you’re throwing a party or attending a festival, or not attending any event at all, this is the time to celebrate yourself. Hold hands with the person you love, kiss them, hug them, and don’t fear judgement. Your love is just as genuine as anyone else’s. Wear what makes you feel best, you deserve to feel like your most authentic and true self. Know that the structure of your body or the biology of your being doesn’t determine who you are as a person. You get to decide who you are- not your birth certificate or peers or body parts. Be proud to be part of a community that is so wonderfully diverse and loving, and know that it does get better. Pride is a time to celebrate all of those who came before us, soldiers of diversity and warriors of change. You are not alone. The storm always passes, the skies always clear, and ahead of you will lie an unbelievable world of color.
Stay Proud & Embrace Your Misfit Soul,
xoxo Julia B.