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A Holiday Gift Guide (That Won’t Leave You Broke)

A Holiday Gift Guide (That Won’t Leave You Broke)

Happy In-Between Thanksgiving and Christmas everyone! ‘Tis the season to binge-watch Christmas movies, eat copious amount of carb-dense, sugary foods, and spend your entire net worth on buying Christmas gifts for others. As much as I love Christmas, I absolutely hate spending money on others (I’m sorry, but it’s true), and thus, Christmas is a nightmare to both my mental stability and my wallet (which doesn’t have much in it anyways). You see, it’s not that I don’t like giving gifts, because I absolutely do, it’s just that when you’re on a college-kid budget, getting gifts for friends and family can amount to more money than you want to spend, or even have in the first place. As I was browsing through some fashion blogs and magazines, I noticed (to my dismay) that the cheapest gift guides were mostly around $25 and under, which is absolute crap. That’s like 4 Chick-fil-a meals, and I’m sorry Janice, but you already have enough Kate Spade earrings and Bob, you already own three Yeti cups.

As a young, unemployed college kid, I am here to bless you with a gift guide that: A) has something for (sort of) everyone, and B) won’t leave you completely broke. Literally everything is $15 and under- you’re welcome. I hope this gift guide actually helps you out a bit, and if it doesn’t, then I would probably just get people Chipotle gift cards. Merry holidays, folks!!

Embrace Your Financially Unstable Misfit Soul,
xoxo Julia B.

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