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5 Vegan Vloggers You Should Be Following

5 Vegan Vloggers You Should Be Following

Lately, I’ve developed an obsession with vegan YouTubers/chefs/vloggers, *cough* GAZ OAKLEY. Honestly, I think being vegan is fine as hell. Yep, that’s damn right. I mean, who doesn’t love someone who is healthy, environmentally conscious, and cares about animals? I have come to find that there are a plethora of sexy vegan bois out there- cooking up tofu and cashew cheese and also saving the planet. It’s the total package. Or if the male species isn’t your thing, there are so many awesome gals who are promoting plant-based diets, while reducing waste and encouraging others to improve their planet AND their health. Anyways, I genuinely love seeing the lifestyles of these individuals/couples- seeing what they eat, how they cook and shop, where they travel to, etc. The vegan community is an amazing one, and I am so, so excited to soon being my YouTube journey, to share my vegan lifestyle with YOU! So without further ado, here is an inspiring little list of all the vegan gods and goddesses you should be following. Take notes, my friends- these people are slaying the plant-based, zero-waste, health-conscious game.

Embrace Your Misfit Soul (and eat yo damn veggies!) ,

xoxo Julia B.

Gaz Oakley

Instagram: @gazoakley // @avantgardevegan

YouTube: @avantgardevegan

This boi has me shook, honestly. He’s A: beautiful, B: a chef who is actually creative, talented, and genuinely knowledgeable, C: British (that accent tho), and D: breaks down all stereotypes that masculinity, fitness, and a plant-based diet don’t go hand-in-hand. He ALSO has multiple books out, so if you’d rather read than watch, I’ll link them here.

Jinti Fell

Instagram: @jinti_fell

YouTube: Jinti Fell

Jinti is one of my absolute FAVORITE vloggers of all time. Not only is she vegan, but she lives this beautiful, unique life. Yes, she’s traveling the world and eating lots of papayas (which are nasty, btw)- but her life is so genuine and simple, and not at all materialistic or pretentious. She and her parter have an ADORABLE daughter named Aya, and it’s so beautiful so see how genuine the love in their life is- for each other, the planet, and their followers. Jinti has honestly inspired to abandon materialistic mindsets, and pursue a life that is filled with adventures, nomadic living, and a damn lot of fruit.

Veladya Chapman

Instagram: @earthmamamedicine

YouTube: Earth Mama Medicine

Otherwise known as Earth Mama Medicine, Valadya is an EARTH QUEEN (who also happens to embrace her natural curls and body hair). She is a true hippie at heart, and a huge appreciator and advocate for the daily use of cannabis. She also knows an unbelievable amount about the benefits, nutritional value, and harmful effects of many foods, as she is a certified holistic nutritionist. Her videos are packed with tidbits of information about plant-based diets- oh, and she also lives in a van.

Eamon and Bec

Instagram: @eh.mon // @rebeccamoroney

YouTube: Eamon & Bec

This is a YouTube couple that I have been obsessed with lately, not only are they vegan, but they also live in a van. Their lives are super interesting, but honestly not even that glamorous- they’re such real, relatable people and I genuinely find it to be refreshing. As for their diet, they’re not super intense about the fact that they eat a plant-based diet. Again, it’s refreshing to see a vegan couple that’ll have a beer every once in a while, as well as eating some junk food here and there. They honestly seem like a super fun couple- definitely worth checking out (especially if you’re interesting in the van life)!

Ellen Fisher

Instagram: @ellenfisher 

YouTube: Ellen Fisher

Ellen is another mama who lives an incredible life, and is a huge, huge advocate of veganism. She and her husband made their transition into the vegan lifestyle years ago, and now they’re living a beautiful life in Hawaii- along with their three youngsters. Like Jinti, Ellen has made me question my own values- as I’ve begun to separate myself from extreme materialism and an unhealthy lifestyle and steered more towards a life of love, nature, and duh- FRUIT. On a side note, vegans don’t only eat fruit. But if you’re living in Hawaii like Ellen, then you best be eating as much fresh produce as you can!