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I AM: Trans, Queer, and Confident

I AM: Trans, Queer, and Confident

AHHHH WE HAVE OUR FIRST VIDEO INTERVIEW UP ON THE ART & MISFITS YOUTUBE CHANNEL!! WHAT AN EXCITING DAY! My friend, Atticus, was willing to share his story on coming to terms with his trans identity, and how he remains confident amidst so much discrimination. This video means so much to me, as it should for anyone who is an advocate for self-love and equality. The LGBTQ community is near and dear to my heart, and hearing Atticus’s story truly opened my eyes to the strength of those in the trans community. Guys, it’s more than just bathroom stalls and testosterone. It’s the pursuit of living one’s most authentic self, life, happiness, identity. It’s the literal pursuit of one’s happiness, and don’t we all deserve at least that?
If you are struggling with your identity in any way, you are not alone. Each day, there are millions of individuals- young, old, rich, poor, black, white- who are too afraid to live their truth. You are not alone. Be loud. Be gay. Be trans. Be black. Be white. Have green hair, or purple if you prefer. Wear a binder, or a push-up bra, or no bra at all. Pierce your nose, or don’t. Decorate your body with tattoos, or don’t. You are entitled to your life and your body- it belongs to YOU and no one else. So love yourself, embrace every facet of your identity, and be you, be you, be you.

Embrace Your Misfit Soul,
xoxo Julia B.

P.S. If you have a story to share, artwork to show, or more, contact me to arrange an interview!;