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A Lookbook: Who Says Pride is Over?

A Lookbook: Who Says Pride is Over?

According to social media and the construct of the American calendar, Pride only consists of the month of June. Shameful, is it not? Now, since heterosexuals are blessed with the whole year to relish in their freedom and bountiful liberties, I feel that it is only sensible to allow the gays to flaunt their rainbow hearts for at least a bit more time. It’s only fair, my friends. So, rather than letting your Pride spirit die down and wither away with all of the other rainbow flags, why not sport your spirit through the rest of the year? Whether you prefer things to be simple and subtle, or to make more of, uh, let’s just say a statement (see Look #1), Art & Misfits has got LGBT outfit-inspiration for you! If you love the multicolored makeup featured in these photos, then click here to check out my tutorial on these jazzy PRIDE-ful eyes!
Keep it Colorful & Embrace Your Misfit Soul,
xoxo Julia B.

Look #1: The Bad & The Bold

When the world is in terror, LGBT bills are being questioned, and Trump is doing everything he can to turn America into a black hole of horror, it’s time for all the Gays & Allies take charge with badass outfits and a phenomenal amount of political drive. This sort of t-shirt is definitely questionable to publicly flaunt, but on the other hand, who says you can’t remind the world that you are a magical mother f***er?

Look #2: The Simple & The Subtle

Subtly is underrated, and it’s better to have a small bit of rainbow representation than none at all! For those who want to shake the world in a gentle way (Gandhi would be proud), this outfit is the one for you. Neutrals on neutrals is tasteful and classic, and adding multi-colored accessories brings that special touch of rainbow.

Look #3: The Loud & The Proud

Pride is all about embracing every bit of yourself, whether you’re gay, straight, trans, cis, blue, purple, or yellow. Instead of feeling shy, why not be loud and proud? Hold the hand of the one you love, strut outside with a smile, and rock a rainbow-flag t-shirt!
Photos courtesy of Olivia Sadka
Model: Morgan Gingerich