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New Year, Same Me (But With Less Hair)

New Year, Same Me (But With Less Hair)

I CHOPPED MY HAIR OFF, WOO-HOO! Some of you may have seen a recent Instagram/Snapchat story of mine, where I was showing off my fresh new ‘do. Since it’s a new year, I decided to take the leap to cut my hair super short. Like, super-choppy-barely-even-chin-length short. If you’re ever debating cutting your hair- do it. First of all, it’s just hair, it grows back. Secondly, YOLO. So yeah, cut your hair off. Also, while you’re at it, invest in a nice pair of rainbow panda socks- they’re fantastic.

P.S. I made a YouTube video. You all should definitely check it out and subscribe 🙂

Embrace Your Misfit Soul,
xoxo Julia B.