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Metallic Pants & (Graffiti) Penises

Metallic Pants & (Graffiti) Penises

Funny story: The other day, my bearded dude and I took some AWESOME photos at an abandoned graffiti park that a plethora of SCAD students use for photos. I was feeling and looking fabulous, sporting a cat shirt (naturally) and a metallic jumpsuit (which I creatively knotted into pants). Anyways, we were editing these photos when BAM- there it was. A peen. Actually, more like PEENS, because there were about 5 that popped up in the background of these photos. How we didn’t notice this before, I have no idea. Don’t worry though, one of them was too big to crop out, so you’ll get a good laugh from that one. It’s literally right next to my face- two heads in one photo! (HA).

It dawned on me that there are a lot of penises in this world, most of which pop up on us at unexpected times (I mean that figuratively, but you could very well relate to that in a literal sense). As women, life is like a penis-dodging maze- we want so much to feel comfortable and confident, yet those feelings are often hindered by the unforeseen peens that declare superiority over us. In a world where penises take power, we need to declare our feminine fortitude. We are women, we are strong. Since we happen to be in the midst of a widespread womanly revolution, now is the perfect time to push past the penises in life. Embrace your womanhood, embrace your badass-ness, and never allow a penis take away from the beauty that being a woman has to offer.

Boy, who knew a penis would make such a great metaphor? #feminism

Embrace Your Misfit Soul (choose ur peens wisely),
xoxo Julia B.