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5 Female Tattoo Artists You Need to Know !

5 Female Tattoo Artists You Need to Know !

Once upon a time, when our parents were young and the world was predominantly conservative, tattoos were looked down upon. Seen as taboo and trashy, they were reserved for the military, criminals, and those who lacked taste and societal status. Fast-forward to today, and people of all walks of life are sporting tattoos- regardless of their social status, appearance, interests, etc. Tattoos are for literally anyone and everyone, and I think that’s pretty damn awesome.

Think about how many tattoos you might see in a day. You’re walking around campus- tattoos. You’re at the gym- tattoos. You’re scrolling through Pinterest, and what do you see? Probably a lot of recipes, workout tips, and hair inspo, but along with that, tattoos. Tattoos are everywhere nowadays, and although some may think it’s a fad, I believe that they’re here to stay (in the world and on our bodies- ha. Until we decompose). Lately, I’ve been seeing more and more amazing tattoo artists pop up on Instagram, several of which are women. Not only are these women changing people’s perspective of the tattoo world, they’re changing the tattoo world itself. From whimsical line-work to watercolor, these 5 female tattoo artists are must-follows on Instagram; creating extraordinary work that will (maybe) make you want to have your whole body decorated in ink.

PS. All of these artists are conveniently located in the United States, so you can all road-trip your way to a great tattoo!

1. Natalie Seki

Style: Calligraphy, brushwork-style tattoos, and Japanese-inspired ink painting. HER WORK IS SO BEAUTIFUL. Her brushwork and attention to detail is immaculate, and if you want a piece that genuinely looks like ink or watercolor, she is 100% the artist for you.

Location: Tattooed Heart Studios in Hanover, Maryland

Instagram: @natalieseki

2. Mira Mariah

Style: Gestural line-work mixed with abstract elements, with a focus on nature, animals, and femme imagery. MIRA IS A LITERAL TATTOO GODDESS. If you want a tattoo from a feminist gal with an insane talent for beautiful, bohemian (idk it just feels that way), and gestural line-work, then Mira is your gal!

PS. Your girl here is tryna get a Frida Kahlo tattoo from Mira, so please pray that I can afford that one day.

Location: Fleur Noire Tattoo Parlour in Brooklyn, NY

Instagram: @girlknewyork

3. Eva Krbdk

Style: Miniature illustration/fine art. Like really, really miniature- but also really, really detailed. I don’t even know what else to say, honestly. It’s amazing. She’s amazing. I don’t even know how her tattoos are possible.

Location: Bang Bang in NYC

Instagram: @evakrbdk

4. Kimberly Reed

Style: Literally everything. This woman is amazing. She does a lot of watercolor, specializing in florals, dog portraits (they’re amazing), and colorful illustration. She works here in Savannah, and I actually got my first and only (so far) tattoo from her! If you go to SCAD or ever happen to visit Savannah, I would 10/10 recommend her for a tattoo.

Location: The Butcher Tattoo Studio in Savannah, GA

Instagram: @1kimberlyreed

5. Ash

Style: Customized tattoos that are hand-poked, as well as incorporating healing reiki energy. Her work is simple, earthy, organic, and absolutely beautiful. They’re referred to as Soul Tattoos, and are meant to be healing for the client- which I find to be absolutely beautiful. She also uses in that is vegan, organic, and metal-free. The sessions are a bit pricey (around $222 an hour), but if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind tattoo experience, then this seems SO worth it.

PS. Ash also went to SCAD (!!!!!!), so maybe we can become pals and then she can heal my chakras while putting art on my body ??!! I’m definitely e-mailing her.

Location: San Francisco

Instagram: @wadulisiwoman