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Yesterday: A Poem

Yesterday: A Poem

By Hannah Sullivan


These yellow lights irritate the eyes

Every room a different climate

The stories of distracted minds pierce

through my body

and I am shaken by the moans of stressed thoughts

Day after Day these halls seem to shrink

small enough to choke the tears

of sleepless nights, out of dry eyes

Shrink small enough that our brains

lose all oxygen and all the information

seeps out

slow like rain clouds reaching the dessert

All our worries are grounded at the center

of the hellish building

the building disguised as an angel

but behind all the clutter lays the devil

the devil that plays us like puppets

makes us give in to every pressure

we are stereotyped as irresponsible

spoiled beings

but deep down every single one of us

is screaming so loud

loud enough that the kids on every block

can hear the tears fall from our eyes

the tears of yesterday’s failure

and today’s forgotten success

1 Comment

  1. Kati Lisansky
    6 years ago

    Hauntingly beautiful.